Welcome 2020! Make your resolution to finally put YOU first and reap the rewards of choosing to better your health by transitioning to a plant based lifestyle.

We didn’t all start off out entire lives as vegan. I know maybe one popular dude on social media who I admire for his inspiration and eagerness to help other through his “produce section challenge.”

This is one of the best ideas I learned about in 2019. You can take it on by just limiting yourself to making meals straight from the produce section each day, a 30 day challenge. Then start incorporating other types of healthy carbs and varieties each day, You will not only feel the difference but you will see it too.

You will find your passion, It will become your reason, and it won’t even seem like a challenge anymore. I want to get to know you, so if anyone has a question about my story, what products I recommend, or just simply need to know you’re not alone in your journey, I’m here for you. Always feel free to comment on my posts.

Take some time for you tomorrow and invest in your reason if you don’t know it already. My reason wasn’t just for my health, but it was never going to be compromised again. I truly believed in being an advocate for anti-cruelty, and I learned that many of the foods we are sold at our local grocers are not suitable for our daily consumption because they lack necessary nutrients.

The last thought I will leave you with is this:

Have you noticed how much food has changed over past 40, 30, 20, or even 10 years. The food industry has us all fooled with the additives and preservatives they sneak into your food. It is not the same nor is it proper nutrition to sustain a healthier lifestyle. Please start today or continue your journey and share your reasons by commenting below.

Once again, Happy New Year, friends!

We are all together in one world with a common purpose. Let’s start this new decade with a commitment to live healthy, happy, and make a positive impact on our Earth.

Until next time, plant love, always.


  1. This phrase in your article said it all – the food industry has us all fooled with additives. Additives and preservatives everywhere, food, drinks beverages all loaded with additives. Most of us go crazy for some specific food just because of the taste of additives. And these additives are not safe for human consumption. Thanks and we will continue to propagate the importance of natural plant-based meals

  2. Hey, I enjoy while reading your article on for our resolution to finally put us first and reap the rewards of choosing to better our health by transitioning to a plant based lifestyle. We need better food for better lifestyle. Now a days we are also growing organic food. We don’t use fertilizers. Now we know health is the key element. If we are healthy and fit. Then everything is possible in this universe. Everyone must have some resolution for 2020. 

    1. Author

      Thanks! For your feedback. I completely agree. I will definitely be writing about GMO’s in the future. I buy organic and would love to grow my own food, it’s just hard in society today to keep up with everything. Regardless, our goal should be the same, thanks again, my friend. 

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