The more you learn, the more you love to eat real food and protest against the cruelty of animals.

I have been seeing some of the worst images on social media lately from factory farms and hearing people who are just totally ignorant and hypocritical when it say they like animals yet they still eat them. I usually say to myself that it’s a personal choice, but in all honesty, it breaks my heart. Every image I see, the torture and disgusting things that humans do to other living creatures, just repulses me. I can’t believe how desensitized our entire culture, as a human species, has become. Here’s something I saw on Instagram today.

If that doesn’t make you think or feel something, then I am literally terrified for this world because every time someone is diagnosed with some kind of disease or cancer, you can be absolutely positive that if it wasn’t genetic, it was caused by your diet of dead animal flesh created by utter and complete torture. I don’t get serious on here much, but once you do your research and you learn what factory farms are all about, there’s no going back. So in this blog, I ask you to please, if you haven’t done so already, educate yourself. I listed a bunch of documentaries in one of my first blogs just to get you started on the health benefits of veganism but there’s so much more behind it.

This isn’t 1920 anymore where farmers raised their cattle humanely and didn’t use antibiotics, steroids, and keep innocent animals locked up in cages as breeding machines. At one time they were taken care of, and killed humanely to feed families.

I’m not saying that it was ever OK to eat meat, but it’s 2020 now and time to wake up. if your diet looks more like a rainbow, you’ll live so much longer. This is what you should be eating every day:

I’ll be back tomorrow with another blog to tell you about my fantastic new juicer and how I plan to use it so much to get my nutrients between now and forever LOL. As always my friends, 🌱❤️, always.

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