The Benefits of Plant Powered Essential Oils

How many of you have heard of essential oils or thought about the difference between burning a candle and using a diffuser to make your house smell amazing?

Personally, I used to buy candles all the time. When I first went plant based I would buy the soy candles, thinking I was doing something better for my home and living up to the lifestyle, ridding my house of the harmful chemicals and perfumes found in normal candles.  I know, they smell so good, but, research has shown that burning candles in your house is actually highly toxic and breathing in the perfumes found in many candles is not good for your health.

You could do a Google search on the harmful effects of burning candles in your home and find a thousand studies that show that the safest way to add a beautiful scent to your home would be to use and essential oil diffuser with just a few drops of whatever oil you prefer.

They all have their own beneficial qualities, for instance, pure peppermint oil is known to stimulate the mind, help you focus, and even helps with nausea.

We aren’t talking about fragrance oils here, we are talking about 100% plant-based pure essential oils. It’s really important to know the difference because if you just go on a Google search you will find fragrance oil’s that are all chemicals and nothing natural. Really look for the difference in the ingredients and make sure that it’s an essential oil and not a fragrance oil.

I like the fruit scents so we always stick with the citrus essential oils such as lemon, lime, orange, mandarin, tangerine, and grapefruit. I also like cinnamon, peppermint , and spearmint.

The benefits of each type of oil are different. Lemon and orange are known to help increase energy. There are dozens of other natural essential oils out there that have their own medicinal and wonderful plant based benefits, but it depends on your personal taste and which scents you’d like to have fill your home.

First, you have to get a really great diffuser, and they make a lot of different kinds. Some, you have to use as a humidifier and you have to add water to the diffuser and the oil comes out as a mist while others are glass or ceramic that simply heat the oil to release the all natural scent. We use the glass or ceramic ones and don’t bother with the ones you have to fill with water simply because they don’t maintain the properties of the pure essential oils and I don’t like the hassle of always having to check the water levels or fill up my diffuser with water.

There are even diffusers that use a little lit tea light candle to warm the oil. As I mentioned before, lighting candles in your home is not healthy, so at our house, we use the electric diffuser. Here’s a similar one to what we use in our home, but we actually have like four of them. All of ours are glass or ceramic. Please don’t buy any diffusers that contain plastic because it is not safe to heat up oil in plastic.

This one is perfect because you don’t have to deal with having to make sure that it’s full of water. This one in particular, fits all of our needs because it maintains all of the wonderful properties that pure essential oils have as it releases the scent into the air.

Now, here the fun and less complicated part. Let’s choose your favorite scents! You could choose a variety box with all different kinds if you’ve never tried them before, and if you’re not particularly sensitive to any types, but I really recommend the citrus variety box from Plant Therapy.

THESE, are my personal favorite!!!

I’ve tried a lot of different brands of 100% pure essential oil’s, and none of them have compared to the quality of beautiful scents held in this box right here. I have also used the Now brand:

But, the scents aren’t as wonderful as the Plant Therapy box. I prefer the citrus variety and I wouldn’t use the lavender, jasmine, or clove because I can only handle the sweet scents. 

Hopefully I’ve given you an idea, at least, as to how you can add beautiful scents to your home, but in a natural plant based way that’s actually beneficial to your health and family.

The worst thing you could do is spray chemicals like for Febreeze or Lysol or aerosol air fresheners into the air and inhale. These chemicals are highly toxic while essential oils simply come from a 100% plant source with no additives, preservatives, or toxic anything.

When I learned about this, I was so thrilled because my love for a great smelling home and candles didn’t have to die. Now I have beautiful diffusers that light up and release and all natural energizing scent that my whole family can truly enjoy.

I really hope that through our site and blogs you are starting to see how much fun and beneficial a plant based lifestyle can be. The more you learn, the more exciting your journey can be.

I still get really happy when I find a new product that I’ve never seen before on the market, and when I try it, trust that I will share it with you.

I’ll see you next time, friends. Please follow us on social media and leave us a comment about how YOU liked the products we recommend.

🌱❤️, forever!

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