Shoes to match your vegan lifestyle, in lots of colors and styles

So one thing I started thinking about when I became vegan was all aspects of animal farming, and by living a plant-based lifestyle, I did not want to support the meat industry and factory farming at all. That included owning anything leather. I watched a documentary on how leather and fur was harvested for shoes and jackets and it was highly disturbing to say the least. For the sake of it, I really think you should watch it too on the documentary Earthlings. 

That was it for me, I had to clean out my closet and figure out where I was going to start shopping for clothes and shoes that had nothing to do with animal cruelty or human cruelty. I wanted to make sure my clothes weren’t produced in a sweatshop in some foreign country either.

I was able to find two of my favorite brands that actually have jumped on board with the plant based lifestyle. I wear vegan Birkenstock sandals in the summer and Dr. Marten’s vegan boots in the winter.

I was actually incredibly shocked that these brands had come up with a product that supports this lifestyle and choice. Throughout my journey I learned that it wasn’t always about food, being plant-based meant doing what you can to go all natural in general as a consumer.

I remember the very first pair of Doc Marten’s I ever owned, and they were Calf length and cherry red. I loved those boots. Honesty , now I think more in terms of comfort then fashion, but let’s face it, Doc Martens hold out forever and to me, they are a classic. They’ve actually developed almost every style of boot, for guys too, and made a vegan version., just like the featured image above. Check it out:

The Birkenstock’s, these ones are definitely known for their comfort value. I found the cutest pair that go with every single outfit I would wear because they have black, brown, gray, and white all in one shoe. They are 100% vegan and Birkenstock is another company that has definitely stepped up to join the revolution and produce plant based products instead of only leather. Here’s my favorite pair:

Aren’t they the cutest? They have vegan options in almost every style for men as well.

So, as winter continues to hit us hard and as we are still working to hold onto our New Year’s resolutions, I hope that you are having fun being the best version of you and I hope to see you back for so many more great products and ideas to help get you through your day.

I’ll be back with some more awesome plant based stories and inspiration, and I welcome everyone to comment and follow us on FB, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

🌱❤️, Forever!

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