Saturdays are for coffee and cleaning.

I don’t know what I would do without my morning coffee. It seems like it’s my life’s blood and I can’t even begin to be a human being in the morning without it.

I love a rich organic dark roast with a pinch of Sweet Leaf Stevia, and then the world appears and that warming sense that everything will be OK begins to swarm over me.

There are some amazing one sustainably sourced organic coffee choices that I’ve tried and unbelievably, nationwide retailers has even begun to sell an organic line. The Colombian and Cubano roasts are my favorite next to a hearty French roast, but for you coffee lovers, this brand has everything you would need to get yourself up and moving.

This is one of my absolute favorites:

Of course there are ground coffees available if you don’t have a coffee bean grinder.

Here’s the one we use for the freshest most amazing cup of life I look forward to each morning:

So now that we’ve begun our day in our favorite way, it’s Saturday, snd we have our never ending list of chores.

I’ve already shared with you how we get our laundry on, but another integral part of our cleaning routine is making the floors sparkle and shine. Not my favorite chore, but since I found this floor cleaner, I don’t stress about how well it works or the potential for toxic chemicals in the air. The smell is so fresh and it is 💯 plant based. This is the best hard floor cleaner we have found, and we have tile throughout. You have to try it, it’s THE product we use.

This product smells of fresh citrus and mint essential oils and kills grout dirt unlike any other. It’s so awesome, we always have it in hand.

Well, there’s our Saturday morning plans, but stay tuned because there are a few more items I plan to share with you really soon.

Feel free to comment or ask questions so I can help you rise and shine and plan your plant based day. For all of my followers, thanks so much, and if you haven’t yet, please follow us on all of your favorite social media platforms so you can stay tuned to our newest blogs as they are posted. Until next time, 🌱❤️, forever.

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