Plant based home remedy in case you catch a cold or the flu this year.

So, as I’ve probably told you before, I am a middle school teacher and I have four kids. My youngest id three spent two years in daycare, He brought home every nasty bug known to man, and of course spread it onto mainly me since I was his chief comforter until he got well. The most wonderful product we could have ever found that is 100% plant-based is all natural and super effective for cough in particular. If your little one is a toddler, there’s nothing else in America that can beat it. It is made by a company named Zarbees and you can buy it at your local grocery store or pharmacy like CVS, Walgreens, or corner market.

OK, I know, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of organic honey by vegans. Since it is technically a product made by animals, it isn’t really considered vegan, but it is not the animal we consume, it’s a byproduct created by them and it has incredible medicinal properties. When you think about it, Bees need plans to make honey. I in no way support any industry that harms bees or uses pesticides to kill them, and I absolutely mean them no harm, but I know that many vegans will say that if you’re going to eat honey then you need to call yourself vegetarian. Either way, it’s medicinal components make it worth it in time of need.

So, most children’s medicine is not designed for toddlers or infants. Zarbees is made of all natural ingredients, plant power, to help sooth coughs and help babies get a good night’s sleep when they have come down with a cold or flu virus. it is one of the only safe and effective all natural brands on the market.

My son got sick several times while in daycare a 2 years old daycare and one time his fever got up to 105. We were terrified. So we gave him infants Tylenol and continued to give him his Zarbees to help control the cough and help him sleep. If you try it for your toddler, I guarantee you’ll love it. It beats any other commercial medicine on the market because it’s ingredients are not man-made chemicals that cause side effects. At least just check it out. It is tried and true, trusted in our house with our toddler. It’s all natural and causes no side effects. Its made for toddlers over 1 year old. It’s helped him through some pretty nasty daycare viruses. Here’s a link:

I hope this helps, at least some of you with toddlers who are looking for a natural alternative. At least it’ll help you both get a good night’s sleep until it’s finally passed. Check back with me tomorrow for some more advice and products, stories, and reviews 🌱❤️, forever!

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