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After having 3 children, and entering my mid-thirties, getting my Master’s and continuing my career as a teacher, I found that life was getting physically harder. I was so tired, and my metabolism had slowed to a halt. A year after having my last baby and still not bouncing back, I knew something had to change. All it took was me watching one documentary on Netflix to push me into the beginning of a completely plant based lifestyle. It took awhile to get used to and a lot of internet searchers to figure out how to veganize some of the meals I loved and didn’t want to miss out on, but after a few years I had successfully had my whole family off of meat and dairy.

I wanted my kids to reap the benefits of this lifestyle and began educating them on why we need nutrition and why we don’t want to eat animals. I’m so busy, but research for me never stops. I’m working on my Doctorate in Leadership and Technology and teach Environmental Science at a private school that only serves plant based meals. Despite my ability to multitask and desire to make an impact in my community, I know that even as a person, I still have work to do to become the best version of me, and I want to help you too.


People often do not understand what they are doing to their bodies when they eat. Most have lost the reality of the connection between what we eat, the effect it has on our bodies, and where it comes from. Did you know that three fourths of what people buy in the grocery store is processed and nearly poisonous? I implore you to what some heath documentaries like “What the Health,” “Forks Over Knives,” and if you are really brave about animal activism and where the meat section gets their products, “Dominion.”  That’s what changed me and my husband after I begged him to watch and try a plant based lifestyle with me. He was equally as shocked and in utter disgust about how innocent living creatures are being treated at the hands of humanity and to find out the implications that eating met and dairy have on the human body.

After a few months of being plant based we felt so much better. I had read  stories countless stories about complete transformations for those who chose the path, but for some of us, it still doesn’t mean reaching your ideal weight or your all time fitness goals. I have found, however, that through it all, and after all I’ve learned, I only regret not having known sooner so that I would have chosen sooner; to never to eat or use animal products again.

It takes time. We all have to transition, but we are now at that point where we try to consume only organic produce, buy from local small businesses, have converted to all natural products in our home, and read every label, every time. It is a passion that I live for each day, and I will add that since changing the diet of my 12 year old daughter who has Autism, we have seen enormous change in how the condition effects her just by changing her diet and other personal or household products we’d never thought of. 


The goal of my site is to show consumers products that are tried and true, tested directly from me and my family, and to promote a lifestyle that can honestly change every person and the entire world.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Cassie Trombley

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