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OK, we have all experienced a bout of an annoying candida infection at some point in our lives. Not that we would ever like to talk about it or admit it, but it happens. This applies to both guys and girls, let’s be honest. This is actually weird for me because I’m normally a very modest person and would not talk about something like this, but I found a product that is a 100% vegan, wonderfully natural, locally sourced, and incredibly effective. My friends, you should know it exists and grab some to have on hand when needed. The pure simplicity and discreet looking package makes it even more awesome. I don’t ever have to take a trip to the store again and pick out one of the white and blue boxes and head on to the checkout with a little bit of embarrassment while waiting to run out of there.

An added benefit is that it smells great, kind of like cloves and cinnamon, and it’s made out of organic pure essential oils. Not only do they have a combo for candida infections, but they have ones for hemorrhoids, styes, acne, anti-aging, and gum disease. Take a look:

There is a blend for earaches and even one for anxiety, and that is one that I have on order right now to try for my daughter when she experiences symptoms associated with her Autism.

I had to share because sometimes simplicity and discreteness goes very well with a need for medicine and when living a plant based lifestyle we like to keep it as natural as possible. These products won’t disappoint.

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