Healing is a part of the process of turning your life around and having a plant-based lifestyle is the process of healing your body. I’ve done a lot of research on the effects foods you and  have on you and one of the main things processed foods cause is inflammation. I’m sure we’ve all dealt with it or head injuries or have other issues going on that causes pain every day. One thing I really wanted to share with you is that I have come across a product that has not only been 100% effective for pain and migraines, prayer is also immensely helped my 12-year-old daughter with autism be relieved of some of the symptoms that follow her every day. So the product that I’m talking about today comes from a company called SUNMED found at Sunflora.org. All of their products are amazing, the two we always turn to are their vegan CBD gummies and the plant based cream they have created to help with pain.

Now, I will attest to its quality and that when we started our daughter on a regimen of just forgot me today she became a whole new little personality. She wasn’t stressed and full of anxiety, And she could focus and wanted to talk and have a conversation with you. Where as before, my daughter likes to shut herself off from the world because things like sight and sound really bother her, and if you know anything about autism, it actually causes her physical pain. She is pretty high on the spectrum, but she does have some communication deficits. We wanted to try to find something natural and vegan to help her get some relief. When we found this product we were relieved.

We have a constant supply of their 100% vegan CBD gummies, and I always keep a jar of their pain cream handy because it helps with everything from a strained muscle, to a sprained ankle, or a sore back, and for me, within 15 minutes of application around my temples I will see a migraine dissipate. Sunflora.org carries products that include oils and tinctures in different flavors but these two products have been the best for my family. You can choose which mg dosage is best for you, but we use 50 mg per dose for effective treatment with our daughter. Take a look,



This is the one we use for all of those aches and pains, and for me, migraines.

Topical Cream - Peppermint 1000mg


Whenever I see people talking about CBD on our website, Facebook or Instagram I always recommend this product. They even offer CBD products for pets, and I promise you that every product they have is all natural and incredibly effective. It is the only brand I trust as a vegan living a plant based lifestyle.

Vegans beware that most other vendors, even the most popular ones online, do you not have gelatin free CBD gummy’s or even CBD pain cream. One, I learned, has animal oil in it. I was shocked and disturbed when I read the ingredients, but that’s what I literally do on everything I buy.

There’s really been no other plant based CBD products I’ve tried that parallel this one. It is all natural, 100% vegan, and often sold in some local stores. I was actually lucky enough to find a store called Your CBD Store that sold nothing but Sunflora or SunMed products. I also discovered their online store so we tend to order online out of convenience.

There are actually other great vegan brands I’ve recently viewed on Amazon. I haven’t tried  them or myself yet, but the fact that they now have a vegan version of the ever so popular gummies, they are definitely worth mentioning. Here are the links:




I’ve done so much research on CBD and the health benefits of it are absolutely incredible. I’ve watched as people with epilepsy, MS, Parkinson’s. Autism, etc waking up in the morning in a great deal of pain and suffering, take their dose, and instantly became and feel like a normal human being. Don’t count out this product, it is and truly can be a lifesaver.

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