Guys and Gals! These are Unbelievably Gorgeous 💯 Vegan purses, backpacks, and bags. You have to see for yourself!

Vegan bags from Gunas, NY

Ok, this one is huge, and I would normally start off by saying good morning, but my excitement after receiving my first Gunas bag yesterday is just seeping through and I am way too excited to be that proper this morning. These bags are undeniably durable, beautiful , and made with such perfection that I can’t even begin to truly capture what they look like in person. You have to check it out.

So the bag I ordered it was primarily for just grab and go use but I can’t tell you how much I love it. Here’s what it looks like.

No matter what style you are into, you are bound to find the perfect bag for you. I was so excited to find this company because they truly support everything I believe in and guarantee that all of their products are plant-based, cruelty free, and environmentally conscious. I loved that they supported items for both men and women because that’s not common with many accessory type stores, vegan or not. Obviously, I would only shop vegan and in a previous blog I shared that the famous Dr. Matren’s had a vegan line for men and women so I try to capture the very best products for everyone who lives and enjoys a plant-based lifestyle. There’s so much more to come, stay on the lookout because I will be back with other tried and true plant based products for you to try. As always, friends, 🌱❤️ forever!.

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