Does grandma’s recipe for keeping the flu away really work?

Hi, crew. So, I was wondering, have any of you ever heard of elderberry? Personally, I had never heard of it until about a year ago when a school associate of mine told me that she had just gotten over a really bad flu and heard that elderberry works really hard to support your immune system so that you don’t catch all the terrible viruses that are passed around schools every moment of every day. These little bugs 🦠 are ruthless and we are on round 3 in our house this year. All 6 of us, knocked down for multiple days with fever, cough, nasal issues, and fatigue. My husband has definitely used up all of his PTO, and I am well over my allotted sick days for the year, but what can you do, you’re going to a breeding ground every day and if it’s airborne, there’s no amount of Clorox wipes or Lysol I can use to keep up with it considering the amount of students to enter my room every day. And then,of course, I have to contend with whatever my three youngest children are bringing home from the school at the elementary level and then my highschooler as well.

Anyway, back to the elderberry. So, I did some research to find out if there was any credibility behind what she had told me and low and behold, elderberry is an age old plant that is known to protect your body and give it that boost it needs to fight off nasty little cold viruses and the flu. My friend at work told me that she was going to buy some that night and she would tell me how she felt. Seriously, she didn’t get sick for the rest of the year. So, at the start of the school year, I came in prepared. I bought the elderberry syrup and intended to take it every day and give it to the kids so we wouldn’t go through exactly what we are going through, but wouldn’t you know, I forgot about it just stays after I bought it and it sat in my medicine cabinet and moved with us and stuck with us without us using it more than once. I thought to myself, I wonder if I would’ve stayed healthier had I just used this to try to boost my immune system during the flu season.

So back to the research I go. It’s definitely known to be a giant immune booster, and if taken regularly, It can help your body defend itself against whatever strain hits you. So I called my friend from school and asked how she had been feeling this flu season, and she responded that she hadn’t stopped taking the elderberry every day and she has not been sick once. I was so jealous, we had been through total hell over here and it could’ve been prevented with an age old plant-based remedy, the elderberry. Check it out:

They also have vegan gummies for the little ones:

So, now that we have learned our lesson and have had the worst of the flu season come through our home, we won’t forget the elderberry secret because no one wants to go through three rounds of the flu in their home in a matter of just a few months. 

Until next time, 🌱❤️, always!

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