Choosing a Vegan Diet

A Personal Journey

So, where do we all begin?

Why choose a vegan diet?

My number one answer to this question is that it is a personal choice. Since I’m a teacher and I work at a school that serves plant-based meals I often hear about different opinions from students about the plant-based or vegan diet. My response is always to do your research. There are several World renowned doctors that have done countless studies about how the consumption of meat affects your body. When you add dairy on top of it, it can make you really sick without even realizing why. We’ve all been raised to think that eating meat and drinking milk is healthy and it’s even been supported by the American heart Association, but in reality It causes substantial plaque in your arteries and digestive problems for many people. You would actually be really amazed at how different you feel after choosing a type of vegan diet which could be simply plant based, whole food plant based, or raw vegan. Your preferences and your choices will always affect your lifestyle.

Choosing a vegan diet is the best choice for anyone who suffers from obesity, food addiction, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and countless other conditions.

Do your research, find out on your own and don’t let anyone constantly tear you down from what you believe is right. I’ve heard it so many times, “well if you’re on a vegan diet, where do you get your protein?” Ugh. That one always bothers me so much. If you think about it, the largest animals in the world are plant eaters. Gorillas, elephants, rhinos, and countless others all live, grow, and thrive off of eating plants. Another point is that humans weren’t born to be carnivores like lions or tigers. We don’t have huge sets of canine teeth that allow us to rip live flash open just by taking a bite. The amount of nutrition found in vegetables and fruits far exceeds anything you get from eating animal flash. Protein comes from Lejeune’s like beans and peas. People who follow a vegan diet or plant-based lifestyle sometimes eat a lot of soy, but that’s gonna be a topic for another day. Regardless, plants have protein and that’s how animals, the largest land Regardless, plants have protein and that’s how animals, the largest land animals on this earth, live and thrive.

Would you consider a vegan diet if you saw the benefits described by others?

There is so much information out there and you have to choose to become in lightened on your own journey to a healthier you. It’s all about personal choice, and from personal experience, all I can say is that I wish I would’ve known sooner, and I am grateful for the da that I learned how much poison there is in the food processed in factories, and that includes factory farms that I didn’t even know existed until just a few years ago. Staying as natural and close to given by the earth will prove to cure your ailments and improve your quality of life. Just remember, choosing a vegan diet will not only help your personal health but will reduce the commercial greed and harming of innocent animals throughout the world. Everyone has a choice, And that choice is what you decide to put inside your body every day.


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