A New Year, a new outlook, a new YOU!


Our first blog of the decade, on New Year’s Day, is going to be about new beginnings because it’s never to late to change the way you view yourself and this world we all call home. Personally, I’m looking forward to leaving 2019 behind, and use this holiday as an opportunity to grow. I want everything in 2020 to be about love, compassion, and understanding. I want to use this as an opportunity to move forward and be grateful for everything I have. I hope you all have made your resolutions and plan on being the very best versions of yourself because that’s what new beginnings are for.

So, some plant based products that I saw just this morning have given me something else I would love to share with you. I don’t know if you’ve come to a part in your lifestyle or journey where you’re looking at a lot of different products, other than  foods, that support your plant based way of living. We use all natural, organic, and vegan whenever possible in our home, and once you get to that point and you find your favorite products, you get really excited when you see them in stores or advertised online.

Today, I saw one of my favorite products on social media and it’s called Coral Toothpaste. It’s completely vegan, and incredibly unique. I’ve also used the hello brand with activated charcoal and it has been a great product for us because I learned that fluoride is not healthy for you at all, but it is an additive in nearly every brand of toothpaste you see at the grocery store.

Studies have shown that the chemical can cause Alzheimer’s and has other terrible effects on your brain when you use it every day. You can research these studies with a simple Google search. I did. and what I discovered made me say, “absolutely not, no more of that for me or anyone of my family.” The benefits found in the all natural brands far outweigh any of the national brands that are filled with chemicals that no one can even pronounce. Maybe you’ve heard how good coconut oil is for cleaning your teeth, and you’ve probably heard about how activated charcoal is great at whitening and reducing plaque. Many companies are trying to jump on the bandwagon now that it has been released to the public that fluoride is a very harmful component and it should not be used in product that coudl be consumed, particularly in children. what’s disturbing is that it is normally found in every commercial children’s brand of toothpaste and mouthwash on the market.

There are actually a lot of brands out there that you could try that have removed fluoride from their ingredeint list or have added activated charcoal or coconut oil, but the two brands that I want to recommend that you try are definitely Coral and hello. I actually just ordered a three pack shipment of Coral in mint. It comes in three flavors; mint, berry, and cinnamon. We currently have the hello activated charcoal brand with hemp oil in our medicine cabinet at home. Of course, all are vegan and fluoride free. I wish you all a wonderful and joyous new year, and don’t forget to check back with me here at www.plantbasedeverything.org for more amazing expereinces and awesome plant based products. Plant love, always!

For Coral, check out:


And for hello, look no further:



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